blaue neuigkeiten, 2020
Personal Art-Show at KunstForum-Gallery Neumarkt/Egna - May 2018
Relief-Monochrom Rot II, 2020
mother earth III, 30x30cm, tempera on cardboard-canvas, 2020
RABAT, 2015
60 30 90 composition [BS82.20200422.01WED
isometric city, 2020
Gruppœ X, performing with a "Diagonal Ziggurat" background for a statuette placed in architect Geoffrey Bawa's Gallery Cafe, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016

BS82.20200407.TUE / GIANT ORIGAMI / welded cortensteel plates 5x5x5mH

Bolzano/Bozen, EURAC-building, 2018
Drawing for the online magazine SALTO.BZ, 2018
write!, 2017, canvas 40x40cm
the birthday painting, 2017, canvas 100x150cm
The fish, 2017, canvas 50x50 cm
Anitas rote Beeren, 2017, Leinwand, 40x40cm
Die eineiigen Zwillinge, 2017, Leinwand 40x60cm
Andy, 2015, sketchbook 14x18cm

Art exhibition "Berührungspunkte 2.0 Punti di contatto" at Mostra d'Ert in Ortisei/Val Gardena/Italy

Speech-Performance in Design, Drawing and Music in Mexico City [25-30 april 2016] at the XII Seminario De Urbanismo International

The Speech-Performance will be Held Wednesday 27 april at 16:00 - 17:00 in the FRANZ MAYER MUSEUM About My Modular Artwork in the Connected City of Today. Please load down the PDF-Document of the Speech-Performance

the new armchair in black is available now!

Proud to present our new product: the armchair. assemblable. black. out now.

WELCOME TO LOVETOWN new CD album release at the end of november 2015

WELCOME TO LOVETOWN experimental poetry rock music

THE GENTILE WORKER coloured chalkwork on a cardboard wall [320x200x5cm] during LANA LIVE FESTIVAL, 15th of may 2015

Zeichnung zur Schnitzlers Novelle 'Die Weissagung' 150308.01.SUN


Exposition of my works in the Art-Show LAMETTA

[STEGHOF Naturns • South Tyrol • ITALY • December 2014]




B O N D 1 8

the new do-it-yourself assembled cardboard-plywood chair in 18 modular parts • available online on • we present the new chiar on TENT London during the London Design Week [18-21 september 2014 • Old Truman Brewery • Brick Lane • LONDON E1]        

for assembly instructions please see the video on / anweisungen fuer den zusammenbau finden sie auf:

wenn sie mich näher kennenlernen wollen
if you want to know me better

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